About me

Jacek Bieliński - PhD in sociology, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Sociology Collegium Civitas, Assistand Professor and Methodological Coordinator in Laboratory of Statistical Analysis and Evaluation, National Information Processing Institute.

I specialize in quantitative methodology and statistical analysis. My current work focuses on legitimization of social and political systems, Durkheim’s theory of social regulation (anomie & fatalism), and the link between these two topics.

I have participated in research projects concerning the youth, unemployment policies in Poland, political elites of Polish counties, or in research on hate speech in the Polish public sphere. I have published books and papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. I am active in non-governmental organizations: co-founder of the “Local Knowledge” Foundation and president of the Association “Independent Cultural Initiative”.

My recent book:

Bieliński, J. (2013). Między anomią a fatalizmem. Regulacja społeczna w Polsce w okresie zmiany systemowej [Beetween Anomie and Fatalism. Social Regulation in Poland During Systemic Change]. Kraków: Zakład Wydawniczy NOMOS.

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